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Plenum Publishing is part of the Plenum Group, an Australian owned and operated company. Plenum Publishing was started in 2012 to provide publishing services to the academic community. Our goal is to establish an interface where individuals can access specialized scholarly titles, including journals, books and dissertations in an electronic format.

We are keen to grow and attract new inventory of scholarly works from a broad range of subject matters. We specialise in working closely with individuals that are looking to publish material online. We offer a professional and personal service to bring your work to the wider market and make it available worldwide. Our publishing platform gives you the option of publishing your scholarly content with open access, delayed open access and/or fully payed subscription services.

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ConVivio - Journal of ideas in Italian Studies

Convivio provided a forum for contemporary thought on a variety of issues in Italian culture. It is a bilingual digest of academic issues of broad disciplinary interest for advanced university students of Italian Studies and for an educated public.

This journal ceased publication in the year 2002 and is not currently accepting submissions.

Back-issues of Convivio are published here with the expressed written authority of Piero Giorgio.


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